I paint for over 20 years. My creative way was always about art and design. I started as a yang painter after my fist BFA. After I earned my MFA I was invited in a big Fashion world. I realized my fashion projects and began to study deeply art process in Hong Kong. It wasn’t enough to me and I completed my art professional skills in International Art and Design University in UK. So I started to work in different areas of art world. Big part of my creative way was in Interior Design.

Now I’m an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Moscow. Mostly I spend my time painting artworks. But I still cooperate with different design companies to give advices in art part of their projects.   

I am interested in painting to drawing, abstract to figurative and conventional techniques to modern digital techniques. As a woman and a mutable personality, I perceive what surrounds me very much through feelings and emotions. Throughout my journey into painting, I have explored everything from abstraction to high realism, for searching my true personal voice.


Last years brought to my life big color transformation. I created much colorful artwork that should touch your eyes and even soul and mind. I make vitamin atmosphere through my artworks. I put bright emotional charge into my works. That why I create stories with delicious fruits, colorful patterns and spots. Also I explore correlation our nature with human. I use the image of a woman like an image of Mother Nature.

 My abstract artworks realize nature research. I perform the results of my researching in graphics and abstract paintings. I don’t show realistic life, nature or our world. I show my emotions in artworks created by these scenes. I perform it in color drops, spots, paint splatters and drips. I suggest to feel a beauty through your soul and mind.

My Abstract artworks give your intimate experience, only yours visions and dreams in every art piece. Every artwork is your own small world. Only you can see what you see and what you are.

I invite to discuss your emotions and associations in every art peace.

I use unique painting technique. I create my artworks with paint splatters and drops. Also by the use palette knifes. It gives unique and unrepeatable pattern. It shows emotionality and dynamics of my art sensations.

Artworks are held in private collections across the US, Europe and Russia.


In workshope


-I earned my first BFA in Painting from the College of Arts in Bryansk, Russia in 2003.

-I completed my MFA in Art Direction from the Stieglitz Art Academy in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2007.

-Also I earned BFA in Art and Design from the International Design School in Moscow, Russia in 2012

-and MFA in Art and Design from the RHODEC International University in Brighton, UK in 2014.